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Know more about me.

All you ever wanted to know, or didn't, about yours truely.

Hello. By now you obviously know my name. If you don't you're missing something. My wonderful parents named me after the Fleetwood Mac song. So for as long as I live people will be unable to say it properly and torture me with their bad pronunciations. But regardless of me sitting here and complaining I actually do like my name being different.

I'm a student at UNLV like I said on my first page. And I am taking some time off. I truthfully wasn't fond of the way things went a couple of semesters ago. So I figure a good clean start might help. I'm a music education major that is thinking about teaching either elementary or high school music. If you know me, or have even talked to me a little you know I'm bit of a band geek. Just good looking.

At this very moment I do not have a job, but looking quite profusely. The one thing that I know I can do is teach clarinet. So if you need help or know someone that needs help, and has his or her own clarinet; contact me.

If I look a little familiar to you it might be because I'm always at concerts here in Las Vegas. Ever since I was little I've been going to see bands play. I graduated from Moapa Valley High School in 99" and I was one of the few that went to events in Vegas. My parents were always the one's that said, "go have a good time, just don't wreck the car." That is if they're not at the concert with us. Also I go to all the UNLV basketball and football games.

Now here comes the borning stuff. I was born here in Las Vegas and pretty much raised. I'm a shorty, 5'4" if that. I have extremely blue eyes which I think are my best freature.(Although might think different). I have naturally blond hair and can take whatever comments you want to throw at me.

me again

So that's about it. For this page anyway.

Likes and Can't stands

Favorite movie: The Whole Nine Yards

Not So favorite movie: The Brady Bunch Movie
I'll never have the time back that I wasted watching that movie.

Favorite bands: LIVE, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Filter, Rob Zombie, Lit, Godsmack, Sqirrel Nut Zippers. Pretty much any type of music but country.

Bands I can't stand: Dixie Chicks, Reba, like I said anything country. YUCK!

Favorite food: Mexican

Food I'd rather not eat: Italian

Favorite colors: Red, Black, Silver and Light blue

Favorite soda: Mountain Dew

Nastiest soda: Dr. Pepper

Moment I would like to forget: Senior prom night. My girlfriend decided to take my date and her date to dinner but forgot to include me.

Moment I'm proud of: I was given the leadership award from the band when I was in high school. It is something that the band picks not the teacher. Haven't had a prouder moment, yet

What I drive: 94' Dark red camry xle, with tan interior.

What I WANT to drive: Lincoln Navagator, silver

Favorite flower: Fire and Ice roses or Star Gazing lilies

Addictions: Clarinet playing, listening to music,Shoes and shopping (I'm a girl what can I say), I also can't stand to have my car dirty.