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Celebraties I've Met

I tend to take pictures with band members. Especially when they're hot.

This is Kim, Jon from $1.09, and me at Rebelpalooza


This is Kim, Jonas from $1.09, and Me at Rebelpalooza. UNLV campus 1998.



This is Chad Gracey, the drummer from LIVE. We were at a meet and greet after a show at the House of Blues, Las Vegas 1999.

Kim and me with Flagpole sittas, Harvey Danger. At Rebelpalooza.

Harvey Danger

This is the lead singer of Kicking Harold at the Edgefest concert. Texas Station, Las Vegas 1998

lead singer of kh


This would be me and Pakelika from the Kotton Mouth Kings. At the Warped Tour 1998. Desert Inn Hotel, Las Vegas

I hope this page ges updated a lot, but we'll see.